Tru2MySoul Music Group is a leader in the independent Christian/ Gospel Music industry in both radio and retail. It maintains a high standard of excellence in the creative disciplines of A&R, Marketing, Promotion, and Creative Services. 

Tru2MySoul Music Group's experienced staff is passionate about supporting artists, Producing the highest quality music and making an impact in the lives of consumers by providing music with a positive life-changing message.



David C Shelton Sr

Owner of Tru2MySoul  


They saying ‘there is beauty in the struggle’ in an understatement when it comes to the young, talented, dynamic group The Sheltons. The self-taught instrumental abilities, effortless harmony, and positive inspiration deliver a message of hope and family values to all who listen. All of his life, David Shelton Sr. had an undying love of music, teaching himself to play multiple instruments.  He was completely unaware that his musical talents and determination was all part of God’s bigger plan that would later manifest into greatness.



 In 2013 David Shelton Sr struggling single

father divorced and raising 5 kids alone when he lost his job, and to make matters worse He and his children were the victims of a total loss house fire resulting in them being homeless. Having to live in shelters, cars, etc, Working dead-end job to dead-end job David knew that there was a greater purpose his running from his purpose was the reason behind the situation. So David prayed and pleaded with God to grant him another chance, a new start. In the midst of these tragedies, the triumph would spark and a transparent display of God’s promise would begin.

"we are examples of God's miracles", says David.

"I Had to start to see that all that happen to me, it all happen for me".

"So I learned from this situation, losing what I thought was everything was the best thing that ever happened.  



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