Music Group





- Our Media team specializes in connecting the independent artist to reach your target audiences through MainStream and Internet Radio, Television, Social Media, Blogs, and Vlogs. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel, we are simply trying to maximize on the variety of wheels available to today's Independent artist. Creating a way that independent artist can be Billboard Charted, interviewed through mainstream radio, national and international, and capture the attention of audiences across the world.





- Our Marketing team works with the Independent artist looking for their niche. We help you to develop your place in the industry by allowing your skills, gifts, and talents to come to the forefront of your production. We offer tips and advice to build your brand, as well as provide you assistance to "PUSH" your brand.






- Our Clients remain to be the sole purpose of our existence. While the Major Music/ Marketing / Media Sources compete to outdo each other, Tru2MySoul will continue to be here for the independent author, musician, artist, philanthropist, and ETC. That can use a springboard approach in the industry. Please fill free to look through our packages and find out which one suits you best.