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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Say NO, and mean it.

There comes a point in life in your social societies (friends) or a moment in your hard-stricken family tragedies, or even within your relationships that are of little or no

consequence, and you must say NO.

The past no longer matters. Saying No is important to your sanity and wholeness.

NO! To what is unloving

NO! To what does not honor you

NO! To bad behaviors

NO! Nasty Attitudes

NO! Whatever it is that could pull you to a bad place and live to regret it.

NO! To the things that people can do that cause you emotional or physical harm or pain.

NO, does not mean I don't care or love you.

It just means:

• I don't want to do that.

• I'm not interested

• I don't want to get caught up

• I don't want to be involved

Why do you care so much about what people think about you?

Why are you so concerned about what people say about you?

What you want matters. What you desire matters. This is your life... Not theirs!

I encourage you today to "Just Say NO."

Try it... And watch how much YOU will feel better.

Say NO, and mean it.

Repeat after me:


Namaste 🙏

Coach Dave

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