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Morning Motivation with Coach Dave

February 11:


"I am a reflection of divine love, mirroring the universe’s affection in my existence."

Quote of the Day:

"We are the mirrors of God’s love, so we may know how deeply He loves us through the love we feel for one another." - Paulo Coelho

Coach Dave Shelton’s Insight:

"Our ability to love is a reflection of the divine love that births, sustains, and transforms the universe. In our love, we mirror this cosmic affection."

Spiritual Message from Coach Dave:

"Every act of love, every gesture of affection, is a mirror reflecting the eternal love of the cosmos. In this reflection, the divine dances, and the soul rejoices. Namaste."

Action Step:

"Express your love to a close one. In this expression, witness the reflection of the universe’s eternal affection."

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