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Morning Motivation with Coach Dave

March 11:


"I move to the beat of my inner self, dancing with ease and freedom."

Quote of the Day:

"Dance to the beat of your own drum; whether the world likes your rhythmic movements or not." - Matshona Dhliwayo

Coach Dave Shelton’s Insight:

Discovering oneself can feel like a dance, where we move to the soundless rhythms of our soul. With each step, we reveal something new, and every movement becomes an expression of our inner world.

Spiritual Message from Coach Dave:

When we live our lives, every action we take is a part of who we are. We should be free to live fully and express ourselves without reservation. As we do so, the world around us becomes a reflection of our unique identity. Namaste."

Action Step:

Today, try listening to a song that speaks to your soul. Let your body move freely to the beat, expressing your inner rhythms.

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