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Morning Meditations with Coach

It's Thursday!!!!!!

The scar..

When I was 5years old my sister was babysitting a child that was still on the bottle. Of course the bottles were in transitions to be plastic but the majority of bottles in the late 70's were glass.

(Ok, yes I'm old)

So as I walked down the stairs I tripped and fell onto the glass bottle at the bottom of the stairs and then we all realized that I had blood running down my hand.. my mom rushed me to the hospital where they removed all the glass and put 17 stitches in my hand.

I am now 48 years old. And I remember the day, the time, the doctor, the stitches, and the pain. Why do I remember it? Because of the scar it left on my hand. Every time I look at my hand over the years I remember what happened.

It no longer hurts me.. but I remember it because of the scar it left me.

Emotional pain is the same way. The scars that it leaves can keep you in remembrance of what happened to you.

The question I ask is, "does It still hurt"? If yes, then I suggest you admit where you are, and find a way to start the healing process for the pain.

Emotional pain can attach itself to you for as long as you hold on to it. The moment you realize that it doesn't have you but that you have it, is when you know that you have the power to release it. Holding on to emotional pain is like holding to a small stress ball with razor blades in it. The more you squeeze the more it hurts you. So that's why you have to learn to forgive, forgive, forgive.

Don't allow yourself to hold on to emotional pain like you hold on to your old mattress. Trust me when I say, that thing is killing you.

Repeat after me:

I easily forgive myself and others, knowing that this allows my body, mind and emotions to relax.


Have a great day,

Coach Dave

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I easily forgive myself!! Love this!!

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