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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Give me a T... a G... an I.... and a F. (What do you got) Thank God It's Friday!!!!BABY!!! I want you to know that you set the destination to your life. The GPS of your life takes you from point A to point B. Point A =  is where you are now. Point B =  is Where you want to be (your goals) In order to get to point B you have to have a plan. Because without a plan, you're planning to fail. Getting to where you want to be (Point B) won't be easy. But the satisfaction is knowing that you're almost there. Just a few more miles. Just a few more days, a few more pains, a few more hurdles... Repeat after me: Keeping my goals in front of me reminds me of the reason I am pushing through. (Again) (Once more... and feel every word) Keep on pushing... Much love, Coach Dave

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