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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Happy SUPERBOWL Sunday!

The people in our lives that we love and that we learn from are both important. 

Some relationships and friendships were meant to last forever, some meant to last long enough for you to learn from, and some meant to only last for a short season (short term). It takes time to learn how to categorize these types of relationships.

So It's ok to allow yourself to observe and take inventory of how much you give in a relationship or friendship. In other words you have to create boundaries and stick to them.

Learn to pay attention instead of ignoring the RED FLAGS. It will save you from heart breaks and heart aches 💔. 

My friend, concentrate on being thankful for everyone who has come into your life and those who has exited from your life. They were all necessary to help you build the person you are today.

Repeat after me:

[  ] I know some come into my life for a reason, some only lasting a season. But It doesn't make  me any less worthy of receiving.

I personally value you, that's why you get a daily personal message from me, have a great SUPER BOWL SUNDAY

Coach Dave

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