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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Hellllo Friday!!!! (We made it)

"The Sun Watcher"

Growing a garden in the Artic is not easy. As a matter of fact if you don't have the patience, the chances of you growing a garden in the bush Alaska is down right impossible.

As a child my dad made sure after the winter snow (mid February) melted to till the ground. Breaking the cold ground was a beast every year. At times we worked until sundown or until we finished because spring was getting closer.

The seeds were planted by early March, and every day we would go out to see the process of all the vegetables we planted.

We planted Collards, Mustard, and Turnip Greens. Cantaloupe, Honeydew. Rubarb, green peppers, potatoes, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes.

It was a job I looked forward to every year because as I got older my dad gave me a special daily duty. He called me the "Sun Watcher". Yes, when my dad went to work early it would be very dark so he asked me to go look at how the sun hit the garden before I left for school, and report it to him later the that day.

After school my dad and I would go to the garden and he would say, "Davy,(short for Davy Crockett... if you know you know)tell me where you seen the sun"? And I'd go and point out all the places I seen the sun..

My dad would then get out his latter and prune back some of the overhanging tress to allow more sun into the garden.

"You see, if we don't cut back some of these trees the vegetables will grow, but not to its full potential. The sun allows the seeds to grow stronger." My dad explained.

So by May we had a full big and beautiful crop.

I want you to know that sometimes you have to prune some of the things in your life that blocks your growth. Whether it's bad habits or bad situations or bad influences. Learn how to say the word NO to people, habits and to you...Your growth depends on it.

There are things we feed ourselves daily that can stunt our growth.

Watching the news, being on social media for a long period of time can cause you to have the same conversation, opinions, and worries as the broadcast.

"OMG new strand of covid", "Did you see what they said", "OMG the president ", "OMG Russia", "OMG Trump".... (Ok the last one is something worry about 😆)

But... you are what you eat.

Put down social media, and Pick up a book.

Turn off the news, and tune in to meditation or prayer.

Stop the gossip, and start a workout regimen.

Instead of binge watching your favorite TV series, go to a park, lake, river, or beach and enjoy the scenery.

Whatever you do, start pruning back some of the things that hinders your growth.

Repeat after me:

Personal growth is important to me.

I know that my personal growth will bring me a more fulfilling life.

I see you growing,

Coach Dave

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Lisa James
Lisa James
Feb 25, 2022

Sun Watcher! How appropriate! Love this!


Marshelle Sights
Marshelle Sights
Feb 25, 2022

Bro.. this is confirmation for me. Thank you.

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