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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Have you ever heard the saying ,"Practice makes perfect ". This quote will make you look at the things you feel you're not perfect at and start to make a habit of practicing it .

But in hindsight, there are things we are perfect at simply because of our years of unconscious practicing. But we failed to realize just how great we became to our imperfections.

Whether it's procrastination, poor health, poor eating habits, fear, lying, self loathing, addictions, and many other bad choices.

You are what you are practicing......

How do we change it? One day at a time. One focus at a time.

Today pick one thing that you practice daily and work on that. Are you on social media too long?

Today practice a "5 hour social media fast challenge". Then tomorrow do 6 hours.

Are your food choices healthy? Today for lunch and dinner decide to only do a healthy meal. Tommorow add exercise, and a healthy breakfast.

Whatever you do, realize that you are perfect because of what you practice.

But it's time to change what you are practicing.

Remember that it took you a while to become perfect in imperfections. So take one day at a time to change your mindset. You deserve to Live the life that you desire.

Namaste 🙏

Coach Dave

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