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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave (special edition)


Today I have a pill for you to swallow. It will not feel good at first, but sooner than later you will get it.

Some of us has experienced it. And Some of us haven't. (Be thankful)


to cause emotional pain or anguish to.

Outside of money, land, wealth, and health.

Hurt, is also passed down from generation to generation.

To the one that is receiving the hurt, it can be haunting and devastating.

To the one dishing the hurt it can be unrecognizable.

The saying, "take into account "

Meaning to consider or remember when judging a situation.

The hurt that you've received in your life from someone that you've loved,

(I can almost guarantee you that)

has also been projected from you to someone that you love.

As a child I was physically abused, and mentally abused by my mother.

As a child I was sexually abused by family, and family friends.

No child ask for the hurt. No child asked for this pain. No child asked to see the horror. But just like "hand-me-down" clothing, they inherited the hurt and pain that was given to them.

So as a parent I physically abused my own children.

I also failed to tell my kids about my sexual abuse, and put on a false narrative of strength, as if I was able to simply "shake it off " like a dog out of water.

For where there is hurt, there has to be healing.

Healing starts with acknowledging. (Acknowledge receiving, and projecting)