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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Monday Monday Funday!

"The man that says he can, and the man that says he can't are both correct."

- Socrates

"An elephant never forgets"

When a baby circus elephant is being trained, one leg is tied with a rope to a wooden stick.

The weak baby elephant will try to break free, but she realizes that breaking free is impossible because she isn't strong enough.

Fast forward when the baby has grown six or seven tons. Although the elephant now has enormous strength the elephant still can't break away from the rope tied to a wooden stake.

The remaining of the elephants life, that rope will always be too strong for it to pull away, when it is very clear that the elephant could simply pull the stake out of the ground with ease.

But she never does. Because the Elephant never forgets what CAN'T DO.

My friend, what areas of your life are you convinced that YOU CAN'T?

What is it that makes you feel that you're too weak or powerless to do something? Where do you feel like your too old or too young? Too fat or too small? Too bad or too ugly? Too broke or too uneducated?

What rope is holding you from accomplishing you're goals? You are not who you use to be. You are strong enough now to break from the things that use to hold to it captive .

Repeat after me:

I am RESILIENT and ABLE to achieve ANYTHING I set my mind to.

(1 more time)


"I like the way you move"

Keep moving,

Coach Dave

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