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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

What day is it? HUMP DAY!!

I am under the belief that NOT knowing your purpose in life is the equivalent of playing a game of UNO with friends and not knowing the goal to the game.

You're the most confused person at the table. This Confusion comes from not knowing the goal or the rules to the game which will eventually cause you to give up.

Think about it... you download a game onto your phone that looked interesting until you tried to play it. DELETE!

"I'm not playing that mess".


You liked it before you downloaded it. It's either because you don’t understand it or you lost interest.

So then understanding your purpose can make you a few things.

1. Focused

2. Confident

3. Helpful /informational

4. Wise

In other words, get to know and understand your purpose. Otherwise you'll just be wasting time. Spinning your wheels and ready to give up.

Knowing your purpose could have an huge effect on how you live your life.

Repeat after me:

I give myself completely to my purpose and my purpose gives me completely to success and happiness.

Be good,

Coach Dave

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