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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Happy Happy Thursday to ya!!!

All of us have so many differences. But yet we also have a lot in common.

Our imaginations....we all have a vision or a wish where we can see ourselves doing something. Now what we imagine is different, but we all have a desire.

I use to practice all the time. I'd see myself helping people deal become who they want to be. Interviewing other motivational speakers Steve Harvey, Charlemagne the God, Shannon Sharpe, Steven A Jackson, Iyanla Vansant, Lisa Nicoles, Les Brown, and Eric Thomas. And we get into how to be the best you. I imagine writing books to help people help themselves through self therapy.

Albert Einstein once said, " the imagination is everything, it is the preview to life's coming attractions".

What do you imagine? What is it that you see yourself doing?

I want you to know that what your imagining to have or to do is not so far away from you. That vision was given to you for a reason.

Repeat after me:

All of my dreams are coming true.

From here on I will turn my dreams into goals, and my goals into steps, and turn my steps into actions.

(keep saying it until you believe it)

If you can imagine it... you can have it.

Coach Dave

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