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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

I want you to know that its ok not be ok.. You're human, and it's perfectly normal to have feelings that are not always true. But in the same breathe you will still have to accept the facts, because the facts are the truth.

For example:

If you ever felt like "no one cares for you", that is just a feeling, it isn't a fact.

The truth is at that moment, that's just how you felt. You have to understand that truth is truth, and feelings are feelings.

Repeat after me:

Feeling stuck is a FEELING and not a FACT.

Feeling (you fill in the blank) is a FEELING and not a FACT.

(Keep filling in the blanks)

Feeling like no one loves you is a FEELING and not a FACT. Why?

Because I love you..

Have a great day!

Coach Dave

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1 Comment

It is just a feeling and not a FACT! Love it!! Good Morning!

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