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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

As a child I had "stage fright", and I still struggle.

Performing in front of people has always scared me. Whenever I sang or spoke at an event, I would have the worst anxiety.

People that knew my talents would get so frustrated to see me in that state of mind.

"How in the world can you be so talented, but yet so scared."

Well, here is how I managed to stay scared... 😆

My language. Yep, it was my own language that kept me trapped and a prisoner of a lie, believing I couldn't be good at something.

It was my own language that made me feel some type of way about myself.

So I had to change my language.

Instead of saying, "I'm nervous", now I say, "I'm excited". Instead of saying I'm too old to do that, I now say, if I ain't dead, then I ain't done.

That changed my spirit.

Try it for me. Where you sit or stand give me a big hard smile. (Did You feel that!)

Your verbal and non verbal language changes your attitude.

What Im trying to say is If you change your language, you could change your life.

Repeat after me:

I am in charge of how I feel(2x)

There is no struggle in my life, there's only progress.


Have a great day!

Coach Dave

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You have a great day too!!

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