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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

A bookshelf has a purpose

A chair has a purpose

A screwdriver has a purpose

But if you were to use the bookshelf for a pantry, a chair for a ladder, or a screwdriver as a hammer, did the item loose its value?

No. Niether is the woman that is a provider or the man who stays home with the children. The person who has a disease or injury that has them handicap, or the elder in whom can't get around as much as they used to. The homeless or even the impoverished.

None of whom has lost their purpose, nor have they lose their value.

A purpose is not something you get on, stay on, and ride forever. Sometimes purpose is flexible, make shift, or what it takes to provide for the situation.

Your life is designed, so your purpose will change from time to time, and you will have to adjust to the roles as they come.

Have you ever said to yourself, "how in the world did I end up here?"

" When clearly I started over here, doing something totally different."

Well your purpose made a shift.

You have went from a perfect screwdriver to a perfect make shift hammer... 😆 🤣 😂

Repeat after me:

Everything I do serves a purpose for the life that has been designed for me.

Serve well,

Coach Dave

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