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Morning Motivation with Coach Dave

February 12:


"I am intertwined with the universe, my soul a radiant thread in the cosmic tapestry of love."

Quote of the Day:

"We are not threads of a tapestry; we’re threads of a loom. The tapestry is being woven." - C. JoyBell C.

Coach Dave Shelton’s Insight:

"Each one of us plays an important role in the world, like a thread that contributes to the creation of a beautiful tapestry. We are not passive observers, but active creators of this artwork through our love and actions."

Spiritual Message from Coach Dave:

Every person is like a beautiful thread in the fabric of the universe, contributing with love, grace, and beauty. The universe's masterpiece is revealed through this weaving. Namaste.

Action Step:

"Reflect on your contribution to the cosmic tapestry. Recognize the power of your love and actions to weave beauty into the fabric of existence."

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