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Morning Meditations with Coach Dave

Monday Monday.. Funday!!!!

Addiction - a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly.

What is the first thing you think about when you hear the word Addiction.

The word doesn't always stand on the side positivity. Whether it be Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, food, etc....

Addiction is anything that you find yourself doing repeatedly and have committed yourself to do.

In other words, "I just can't help but to do it".

There are those who are so committed to being negative that it has become such an addiction that they can't help but to be negative. Some are addicted to gossip, and some people are addicted to listen to the gossip.

Not all addictions are bad. As a child Kobe Bryant once said, that he would bounce his basketball all night until he fell asleep. This past weekend, out of the top 75 players in the NBA league, Kobe Bryant was ranked #10. (Agree or disagree) Kobe was one of the greatest players in the NBA, a league over 75years old.

Why? Because his addiction was to be the greatest basketball player, and that's exactly what he achieved.

So What are you addicted to?

Does your addiction have anything to do with your purpose? If yes, great! If no, why not?

What is it that you would like to do, and how committed are you in doing it?

Does it keep you up at night? Does it wake you up in the morning?

How committed are you to your gift?

My wife said to me this weekend, " it's hard to start a new habit, but it's even harder to break a bad one..."

Become obsessed with your purpose. Become addiction to being successful.

Become committed to finish strong.

Repeat after me:

My commitment to my purpose is real.

My commitment to my success is real.

My commitment to being better is real.

My commitment to MYSELF IS REAL!!!!




I am fully committed to one day become the Best Life Coach Ever...

Coach Dave

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I’m committed to being a better ME


I'm committed to being the best version of me. I'm committed to my success. I'm committed to serving the Lord in all I do.

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